Simulation Services

Simulation Services

Simulation Services

Simulation Services

A major pillar of our company is to provide technology solutions, as well as services building on the application of the software solutions integrated in MatCalc

Our simulation allows you finding the solutions at lower cost and much faster than via traditional trial and error method. In addition, you gain insight into the processes occurring in the materials at various conditions and help you to understand why a given microstructure appears and how it influences material further evolutions.

Our simulation services include:

Phase equilibria
  • Identification of stable and metastable phases
  • Phase compositions
  • Evaluation of state parameters phases (heat capacities, molar entropies, chemical potentials, etc.)
  • Evaluation of driving forces for the phase formation
Cast structures
  • Chemical composition of primary precipitates
  • Evaluation of microsegregation in the solidified structures
Precipitation kinetics
  • Amount of precipitated phase
  • Precipitate sizes and number densities
  • Precipitate composition
  • Temperature-Time-Precipitate (TTP) diagrams
Microstructure evolution
  • Vacancy concentration
  • Dislocation density
  • Subgrain sizes
  • Grain sizes
  • Recrystallization and recovery processes
Evaluation of thermo-mechanical treatments
  • Homogenization
  • Solution treatment
  • Ageing, annealing
  • Material deformation
Cell simulation
  • Long-range diffusion
  • Coupled precipitation / diffusion
Mechanical property estimation
  • Yield strength predications
  • Flow-curve modeling
Through process modeling
  • Optimization of each process step by simulating the consequences on the final product

You will find some examples of our simulations in our case study collection.

Please contact us for any simulation inquiry.


Contact us for any simulation inquiry.

Your Benefits

You can benefit from the full range of know-how to capture opportunities such as:
  • Support of your R&D projects
  • Assessment of new materials before putting them into practical real-world service
  • Materials consulting and materials selection studies based on your industrial requirements
  • Training programs and scientific workshops to increase understanding material science and simulations capabilities of your staffs
  • Developing your required specific technological database
  • Prediction of the evolution of the microstructure during specific processes and evaluating the consequence on properties
  • Materials property modeling for your specific technological process
  • Through Process Modeling (TPM) and process optimization

Project relevant case studies

MatCalc Engineering activities allow to gain insight into the processes occurring in the materials at various conditions. To keep our customer confidentiality, a few typical generic examples of our works are given here. Each solution is applicable to other materials too.


Simulate precipitation evolution of a variety of steel grades, including microalloyed steels, tool steels, martensitic and maraging steels, as well as special steel grades of your particular interest.

Aluminium alloys

Metastable precipitate phases play an essential role for strengthening in Al-alloys. Our thermodynamic database ME-Al includes the thermodynamics of these technologically...


Among our competences is the simulation of precipitation evolution in various polycrystalline and single-crystal, wrought and cast Ni-base superalloys. For instance,...

You will also find some examples of our simulations in our case study collection.

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