Metastable precipitate phases play an essential role for strengthening in Al-alloys. Our thermodynamic database ME-Al includes the thermodynamics of these technologically relevant phases such as co-clusters, GP-zones and strengthening b´´-phase. Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) is an experimental standard procedure, which gives qualitative information on precipitate formation during thermo-mechanical processing.  We can simulate the heat flow during technological heat treatments, by taking into account frozen vacancies during quenching. Beyond the calorimetric feasibility, our simulation simultaneously delivers other relevant precipitate properties such as number densities and precipitate radii during the precipitation evolution.

A materials class that we´ve taken in our current MatCalc Engineering line of action recently, are Mg-alloys. With ME-Mg database, technologically important systems Mg-Ca-Zn (biodegradable materials), Mg-Al-Zn-Mn-Sr-Si (conventional AZ-series alloys, e.g. for aircraft applications) and Mg-Al-Ca-Ba (automotive and aerospace applications) are covered and readily applicable for materials simulations.