New release: “MatCalc 6.02“ is online!

Dec, 2018

Below are details describing the various changes and new features of the MatCalc versions 6.02.xxxx. Version 6.02 is mostly a bugfix release.

VERSION 6.02.1000: ONLINE 2018-12-21

New features
  • Improved bug reporter. Send better automatic reports to MatCalc support.
  • Several improvements in license manager functionality.
  • Implemented functionality for nucleation driving force weighting function. This will facilitate on-particle transformation-based nucleation capability.
  • Fixed erroneous treatment of Read-Shockley ‘geometrically necessary dislocation density’ (GND). By default, the subgrain misorientation angle is now zero. For proper GND evolution, the user can provide a function for the evolution of the misorientation angle.
  • Changed default value for wall equilibrium dislocation density from Read Shockley to true. Mind the changes also from treatment of GND from above item.
  • Improved treatment of dynamic strength: More consistent implementation of thermal and athermal contributions.
  • Better implementation of scaling factor in plot axes. Will now correctly scale if locked series are rescaled.
  • Removed DD_EQU. Replaced by DD_EQU_INT.
  • Improved updater when recognizing new MatCalc version.
  • Implemented new variables for composition-dependence of strengthening parameters (Sigma-Theta model) …
  • Added strain rate exponent in thermal activation framework.
Bug fixes
  • Several memory leak bug fixes
  • Fixed bug in treatment of subgrain diameter during recrystallization
  • Fixed bug when creating more than 9 precipitate populations. You can now create 99 populations from one precipitate type.
  • Fixed commands for use-linear-misfit-in-strength and linear-misfit-for-strength
  • Fixed crash with sigma-theta model and tmt segments with zero strain
  • Fixed wrong transfer of rexx fraction when using “reset-recrystallized-fraction” in tmt segment
  • Fixed store order with segment post and pre-scripts as well as mse initializations
  • Fixed problem with very large files (loading and storing)
  • Fixed draw lines when no default style selected for a series and line type is “Lines”
  • Fixed crash with reading databases after creating composition sets.
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