New release: “MatCalc 6.01“ is online!

Apr, 2018

New release of MatCalc, version 6.01 is now online and you can download it by clicking here.  There are different new features in this version. Below you will find a brief listing of them:


  • Modified treatment of temperature and strain rate-dependent Yield stress according to model of Johannes Kreyca (see PhD thesis to download from publications page).
  • Added the new MatCalc Remote Control, which allows you to start MatCalc and communicate with it each instance via an extremely small executable called mcr.
  • The script editor now supports interactive input: Directly execute the commands while writing the script. Try it out, you will love it.
  • Improved nucleation model with equivalent interfacial energy: The algorithm now correctly accounts for the minimum nucleation radius. Additionally, nucleation is only triggered if the driving force of the product phase is higher than the one of the parent phase and if the driving force is positive.
  • Added functionality to edit table contents from within scripts.
  • New file format for export/import of tm treatments. Now exports all variables including pre- and post-segment scripts.
  • It is now possible to import tm treatments with incomplete number of columns. This feature is particularly useful to import heat treatments that have been generated with, e.g., Finite Element software. We have also added a feature to ‘simplify’ these treatments and to reduce the number of linear segments to only those that are really needed to represents the temperature/deformation history.
  • Added several missing commands and variables in new scripting language (console 6)
    • generate-grain-distribution
    • edit-tm-treatment variables: tm-treatment-name, tm-treatment-segment …
    • Mean subgrain diameter variables for multi-class grain structure model (SGD_MC$pd etc.).
    • move-gui-window now accepts additional arguments: displace/hide/show.
    • set-table-entry added.
    • export-open-file file-name append/overwrite; append appends to file, overwrite (or nothing) truncates. The obsolete command export-clear-file has been removed from console6.
    • select-calc-stateload-calc-statelist-buffer-content implemented.
  • Improved default values for recrystallization and deformation treatment implemented in defaults.txt file. Also, some default value strings were changed for treatment of dynamic strengthening.
  • coline 6 is now fully case-insensitive.
  • Improved suggester treatment in console 6.
  • Reimplemented co-cluster strengthening variable (TAU_CLUST) for individual phases.
  • Implemented first version of stress relaxation around misfitting precipitates by creep in the matrix.
  • Added a Crash-Reporter feature. It let’s you very conveniently report problems to the MatCalc support and development team.
  • Added a new startup page, with a history of workspaces and scripts. Let’s you conveniently open workspaces and run/open scripts.
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