Spring 2020 Update: ME – Databases

Apr, 2020

We are glad to announce that the new versions of ME-Databases (ME-Al1.2, ME-Fe1.3, ME-Ni1.3) are now available. The major modifications are given below.


  • ME-Fe1.3
    • Precise knowledge of the peritectic composition and temperature and the austenite and ferrite stability limits are relevant for the processing of TRIP steels. The new ME-Fe database version contains an improved descriptions of fcc, bcc and liquid phases in the system Fe-Si-Mn-Al-C.
    • Cu-solubilities in B2-NiAl and Eta-Ni3Ti phases are included. This allows for simulations of competitive Cu-precipitation versus stabilization of ordered B2- and / or Eta-phases in precipitation-hardened maraging steels.
    • Improved modeling of G-phase: Corrected G-phase stabilities in stainless steels.
    • The relative M23C6 / Laves-phase stabilities in Mo-rich 9 to 12% Cr-steels and the Mo-solubility in M23C6 are reassessed.
    • Improved sigma-phase description. This removes an artificial miscibility gap which occurred in stainless steels, and allows for computations of ferritic / superferritic stainless steels.
  • ME-Ni1.3
    • Assessment of Germanium into the database for simulations of advanced brazing alloys.
    • Modeling of the Boron effect on solidus temperatures is improved.
  • ME-Al1.2
    • Phase descriptions in the multi-component Al-Mg-Si-Cr-Cu-Fe-Mn system are improved for close agreement of experimental and calculated solidus temperatures in 6xxx and 7xxx Al-alloys (now less than 10°C difference between experiment and thermodynamic computation).
    • AA 7xxx: Phase descriptions of Mg-Zn containing t-phase and h-phase are improved.
    • Extension of Al-base system assessments to the Fe-rich side.

You can find the detailed explanations about the major updates and the range of assessed compositions in the relevant release notes given below.

ME-Fe1.3_release notes_update_2004020

ME-Al1.2_release notes_update_200420

ME-Ni1.3_release notes_update_200420

If you need any specific extension of database content, please send us your input/request on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we consider it in our future release.

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