Spring 2018 Update: ME – Databases

Apr, 2018

New versions of ME-Databases (ME-Al1.1, ME-Fe1.2, ME-Ni1.2) are now available.  The major updates are given below.


  • Assessment of metastable Si-phase, forming building subunits of Mg5Si6 (β’’) strengthening phase,
  • Assessment of Al-solubility in MgSi co-cluster phase
  • Improvement of L12-type strengthening phase Al3(Sc,Zr) phase stability reproduction.
  • Improvement of solidi and liquidi representation in Al-Sc-Zr system.
  • Improvement of solidi and liquidi representation in AA7xxx alloys.


  • Reassessment of metastable epsilon-carbide phase.
  • Reassessment of Sigma-phase stability and composition.
  • Reassessment of austenite/ferrite relative phase fractions in high-alloyed stainless steels.


  • Reassessment of ϒ’-phase compositions (in particular the Al/Ti ratios).
  • Reassessment of element partitions between ϒ (matrix) and ϒ’ phases (in particular the partition of W).
  • Reassessment of μ- and M6C- phase stabilities in high Cr-Mo-W alloyed supperalloys of René type.
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