MatCalc Engineering GmbH is involved in various projects for our customers in different private sectors such as alloy producers, automotive industries, energy suppliers, medical industries, nuclear industries and semiproduct producers. However, most of our works for commercial customers are confidential. Below are few typical generic examples of our works applied for a variety of different material classes. Each solution is applicable to other materials too.

Our material characterization capabilities show what the real microstructure of the material is and our modeling tools help to understand why a given microstructure appears and how to influence its further evolution.

Regardless of the type of your project; a concept formulation and evaluation, realization or optimization and / or through process modeling the benefits of our simulation works is obvious. We help plant engineers to analyze and solve practical problems much easier, optimizing each process step in view of the consequence on final product and increases industrial process variability and at the same time material quality. Our results have positive impact on waste management by reducing defects and decreases significantly time and cost for development.