MatCalc is a software package that has much to offer. Still, some knowledge is needed if the user wants to use its full potential. We offer training courses for anybody interested in the usage of the software. Regardless of your knowledge on the precipitation and microstructure evolution processes, we will show you how to setup, perform and interpret the simulations and get the maximum information out of it.


Regular basic and advanced courses

We conduct an introductory training course every summer (usually in the first half of August), as well as a workshop for the advanced users (usually in the first half of December). Click here for announced courses.


On-site training

To meet our customer needs, we can organize training at the location chosen by our customer. In this case, the topics of the course can be chosen according to customer wishes. Feel free to share your needs about a training event with us and we will be happy to provide you with a suitable offer. 


Prof. Kozeschnik, the lead developer of MatCalc, in a MatCalc Training for the new MatCalc users.