MatCalc is a scientific software toolbox for computer simulation of:

  • constrained and unconstrained phase equilibria
  • multi-component and multi-phase precipitation kinetics
  • efficient single-class microstructure evolution of grain growth, recovery and static recrystallization
  • multi-class static and dynamic recrystallization with full coupling to precipitation kinetics
  • state parameter-based stress-strain curve modeling accounting for numerous strengthening mechanisms
  • 1D and 2D long-range diffusion simulation
  • simultaneous long-range diffusion and precipitation
  • phase transformations / moving phase boundaries
  • lattice Metropolis and kinetic Monte Carlo

Thermodynamic foundation is the CALPHAD method and CALPHAD-type databases.

MatCalc has been developed on sound theoretical concepts, is transparent and efficient for application in Computational Microstructure Evolution.

To get reliable simulation results, we should use this scientific software toolbox correctly. In this section, users can find necessary information to use MatCalc software properly; they learn about the scientific approaches behind the models; have access to many examples and/or simulation scripts and they can find information about different available courses.