User case examples

Use case Single-User-Single-Node licenses:

A single employee in a company uses MatCalc for thermokinetics simulation. He/she always uses the same computer. A Single-User-Single-Node license would be the appropriate license for this user. The license is copied to the user's computer and then activated using MatCalc. Afterwards the license can be used by the employee without further communication with the activation server.

Two employees use MatCalc on their own computers and a network connection is not available. Two Single-User-Single-Node licenses would be appropriate in this situation.  


Use case Multi-User-Single-Node licenses:

A company installs MatCalc on a server and then uses VNC or a similar remote access tool to allow employees to connect to the server and do their MatCalc calculations on this computer. They estimate that no more than 4 employees will use MatCalc at the same time. A Multi-User-Single-Node license for 4 Users can be used. This license has to be activated once at the MCEng activation server and can be used by up to 4 users on the same computer at the same time. If a user no longer needs MatCalc and closes it on the computer, the license use is deregistered and a different user can work with MatCalc and register a license.


Use case transient / network licenses:

A company has 100 employees that are to use MatCalc on their own computers and laptops. The simplest solution is to use a Network license that is bound to the company’s internal network. Network license is valid for as many users as are expected to work concurrently. The company has to install a local server, network license has to be copied on the local server and be pre-activated by MCEng. Users can now start MatCalc, enter the local license server retrieve an activated network license that allows them to use MatCalc. The license will automatically remain active until the user either relinquishes the license or turns off MatCalc. Afterwards, the license will be available again at the network server.



Licenses have to be activated at least for the computer on which MatCalc is used. This activation can only be granted by the MCEng activation server. If no connection to our server is possible, MatCalc Engineering can provide a pre-activation service: the users can send their computer's Node or Hardware ID by mail to the MCEng MatCalc Support (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), and a pre-activated license will be returned. This license is bound to the node exactly as if it had been activated via the internet.