We offer high quality thermodynamic and diffusion mobilities databases for use with MatCalc simulations in various material alloys. The summary of their features is collected in this document. Below you will find some more details for each of the database:


ME-Fe steel database

Elements: Fe, Al, B, C, Co, Cr, Cu, H, Hf, La, Mn, Mo, N, Nb, Ni, O, P, Pd, S, Si, Ti, V, W, Y

For a list of assessed subsystems, contact the Matcalc Engineering database manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Some standard applications: Calculations of multi-component phase equilibria and thermokinetic precipitation simulations in tool steels, micro-alloyed steels, 9-12% Cr-steels, PH maraging steels, austenitic stainless steels.

Special simulations: Coupled nitride/sulfide precipitation in micro-alloyed steels, early precipitation of carbon clusters in tempered martensite, gamma´-precipitation in Ti-alloyed irradiated austenitic steels.


Figure 1. Calculated thermodynamic solvi of metastable Carbon-cluster and transition carbides in the Fe-C system. Results obtained with ME-Fe1.000.



ME-Ni superalloys database

Elements: Ni, Al, B, C, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, Hf, La, Mn, Mo, N, Nb, O, Re, Ru, S, Si, Ta, Ti, V, W, Y, Zr


Some standard applications: Determination of gamma´ solvus temperatures as a function of alloying in multi-component wrought and cast polycrystalline Ni-base superalloys, thermokinetic precipitation simulations in Fe-Cr-alloyed Ni-base superalloys.

Special simulations: Determination of phase relations and precipitate evolution in a variety of single-crystal Ni-base superalloys, bimodal to multimodal precipitate distributions.



Figure 2. Calculated thermodynamic stabilities of intermetallic precipitate phases in 718-type Ni-base superalloy with varying Co- and Al-alloying. Two different Eta-phases, either Ti- (η) or Al- and Nb-rich (η*), occur at different nominal Al/Ti ratios. Results obtained with ME-Ni1.000.



ME-Al aluminium database

Elements: Al, Cr, Cu, Fe, Li, Mg, Mn, Ni, Sc, Si, Sn, Ti, Zn, Zr


Some standard applications: determination of solvus temperatures of metastable co-clusters and precipitates, determination of stabilities of AlFeMnSi dispersoids, thermokinetic precipitation simulations in AA2xxx, AA6xxx and AA7xxx alloys.

Special simulations: Phase equilibria and thermo-kinetic precipitation simulations of specially alloyed Al-alloys: AA-Li, AA-Sc, AA-Sn.


Figure 3. Calculated thermodynamic standard data of metastable intermetallic phases in the system Al-Mg-Si at room temperature. Results obtained with ME-Al1.000.



ME-Mg magnesium database

Elements: Mg, Al, Ba, Ca, Mn, Si, Sr, Zn


Some standard applications: Mg-alloys of the AZ-series: Calculation of phase stabilities and phase compositions, evaluation of microsegregation, precipitation simulation.

Special simulations: Phase stabilities and precipitate evolution in special creep-resistant Mg-alloys for automotive applications, phase stabilities and precipitate evolution in bio-degradable Mg-alloys for medical applications.


Figure 4. Calculated equilibrium phase fractions for Ba-Al-Ca-containing precipitation-strengthened Mg-alloy (Ba is added for improved creep resistance).