On 26.04.2017 new versions of the thermodynamic ME-databases for steel and nickel-base alloys have been released. This release includes the following new features:

ME-Fe1.1 – Highlights:

  • Improved phase stabilities in stainless steel (Laves phase, ferrite phase).
  • Improved phase stability of Ni3Si-type gamma´ in Si-containing stainless steel.
  • Improvement of thermodynamic Fe-Nb base for simulations of microalloyed steel.
  • Corrected carbide stabilities in Fe-Cr-Mn-C (M7C3 was too stable in ME-Fe, version 1.0).
  • Reproduction of stabilization of Cr2N by Vanadium.

ME-Ni1.1 – Highlights:

  • Improved phase stabilities of topologically close-packed (TCP) phases
  • Improved phase stability trends (gamma’, TCP phases, delta), solidi and liquidi with Re- and Ru-alloying.
  • Improved phase stability of Ni2Cr.
  • Improved gamma’ phase stability towards Fe-Ni-based superalloys for applied simulations (e.g., USC power plant materials).
  • Improved solidi and liquidi of Boron-containing multi-component Ni-base systems.

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