Our competitive world offers two possibilities. Either lose, on long term. Or win, only if you stay one step ahead. Rising numbers of international competitors enforce companies to optimize their production process routes and offer high-quality products to be able to stay competitive in the global market. From our experience throughout the last decade, the market urgently seeks for higher efficiency of production lines, which cannot be achieved by empirical try and error method anymore, but requires the predictive capability of materials modeling and simulation. Twenty years of intensive development of MatCalc software provide us with a tool to fulfill these needs of our clients and to help them to stay ahead in their global competitiveness.

Our customers can benefit from the full range of this know-how to capture opportunities such as:

  • Prediction of the evolution of the microstructure during specific processes and the consequence on properties after processing
  • Assessment of new materials before putting them into practical real-world service
  • Through Process Modeling (TPM) and process optimization: TPM will help plant engineers to analyze and solve practical problems much easier, to optimize each process step by simulating the consequences on the final product, to increase industrial process viability and at the same time material quality. It has positive impacts on waste management by reducing defects and decreasing significantly time and cost for development.
  • Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME): Demands a combined strategy of bottom–up and top–down modeling and simulation, which treats various levels of hierarchical material structures in a mathematical representation.
  • Computational materials development; which integrates targeted materials process structure and structure–property models in system frameworks to meet specific engineering needs
  • Materials property modeling
  • Support of R&D projects
  • Materials consulting and materials selection studies
  • Materials characterization
  • Materials testing / mechanical properties
  • Failure investigations and materials defect analysis
  • Training programs and scientific workshops

 As an engineering and consulting company we are obliged to keep your proprietary information secure and we understand the importance of this issue for our customers.