Technology & Product Development 

Educational Background

Dipl.-Ing. in Material Science, Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria, 2004

PhD Student at TU Wien, in final year and ready for defense

Career Background

DI Markus Rath has a successful industrial background as a development engineer in product and process technology. In 2009, he joined the Institute of Materials Science and Technology at TU Wien as scientist, where he focused on material technology of metallic materials and computational materials engineering on different research projects. For example, the experimental investigation of the trapping effect of substitutional elements on the interstitial diffusion of carbon in steel, first-principles calculations of interstitial diffusion in steel using VASP, the modelling and simulation of time-temperature-transformation diagrams in steels. In a COMET K2 research project, he worked as project manager on the experimental characterization of nickel-base superalloys during thermo-mechanical processing and their corresponding modelling and thermokinetic simulation of the precipitation and their microstructure evolution.

The combination of experimental background and his materials simulation capabilities make him a good candidate to join us in developing new technologies and products. Since February 2018, he is an active team member of MatCalc Engineering GmbH.