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Spring'17 release of ME-databases

Figure 1 shows a Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) image of carbides (dark contrast) in quenched and tempered steel. The elongated carbides occur on lath-boundaries and are identified as cementite by the use of electron diffraction. The estimated size of martensite laths is related to the quenching process.


Figure1: TEM bright field image of a thin foil.


A Scanning TEM image shows contrast related to different atom masses of the same region (see Fig. 2). The chemical composition of the particle marked as “EDS spot 1” is a Cr-rich carbide. Its EDX spectrum is shown in Fig. 3.


Figure2: STEM HAADF image (mass contrast) of the same region as Fig, 2.


Figure3: EDX spectrum of the particle marked as "EDS Spot 1" in Fig. 2. In addition to Cr and Fe the carbide also dissolves Mn and Mo.