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Rolling and extrusion of Al changes completely the microstructure of the material. The microstructure has a strong impact on the macroscopical properties of the final product. Deformation, recrystallization and recovery are the main processes occurring during and after rolling. With Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) we can measure grain sizes, aspect ratios of grains, textures, crystallographic orientations of single grains and recrystallized fractions over areas up to several square millimeters. In the particular case, an inverse pole figure of a rolled Al alloy is shown in the figure below. Elongated grains with different crystallographic orientations (colors) are visible. The arrangement of the elongated grains results in a rolling texture. Further quantitative analysis gives values for mean grain size, aspect ratio, texture, recrystallized fraction and more.


Inverse pole figure of a rolled Al-alloy obtained by EBSD. Different colors indicate different crystallographic orientations of the grains.