MatCalc 6 release candidate is now online

MatCalc 6 release candidate is now on line, to download it, please click here.

MatCalc 6 brings several improvements and innovations over the previous version 5.6, which will be briefly highlighted here:

Advanced GUI features

Although based on graphical user interfaces from the very beginning, the new MatCalc 6 sets new limits in user-friendliness. Its GUI has been refurbished and it now offers features, such as, buttons to rearrange your windows inside the MatCalc canvas, buttons to zoom in and out, a navigator to scroll over your workspace easily as well as an ‘Expose’ function that allows you to quickly find and activate windows that are located behind others. And you can now look at your windows either in the classical multi-document-interface (MDI) style or enlarge each window to full size and use the tabbed mode, where you switch between windows via tabs on top of your workspace. Moreover, with only a single mouse-click, or a single keyboard strike, you can hide all sidebars and maximize the available space to display your workspace windows in optimum size.

For graphical representation of your simulation results, the MatCalc 6 GUI also offers several improvements related to plots. It is now possible to move and rearrange plots inside the frame windows, you can drag and drop plots from one frame into another or change font and line thickness of curves and axes easily from the options window.

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DGM Aluminum heat treatment committee meeting

On 6th – 7th of September 2017 MatCalc Engineering GmbH organized together with the Institute for Materials Science / Technical University of Vienna the meeting of “DGM Aluminum heat treatment working committee” (AK Aushärtung im DGM-Fachausschuss Aluminium).

The “Coming together event” in the evening on 6th of September at restaurant “Zum weißen Rauchfangkehrer“ offered opportunities for networking. Many ideas about future collaborations and projects were discussed during the dinner. On the next day, several interesting talks and presentations about experimental and computational engineering of heat treatment and mechanical properties of aluminum alloys were held.

With many thanks to all the participants for having an enjoyable and informative time together.